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Power-Injector is a four-port power injector module. This module is used to provide power to Netsense’s add-on modules, for example AC-Check, DC-Check, Amp-Check and Amp-Read. By connecting it between Netsense box and the add-on modules, Power Injector feeds the power into the communication cable while passing data transparently between Netsense box and the add-on modules.

One Power-Injector supports up to 4 ports. Each port has separated power regulator which has short circuit current limit and thermal overload protection. Any short circuit on one port will not affect the others. Each port can provide current up to 100 mA.



  • Four power injector ports
  • Separated power regulator for each port
  • Short circuit current limit and thermal overload protection on each port
  • Up to 100 mA per port


  • Ports: Data in x 4, Data & Power out x 4, Power in x 1
  • Max current: 100 mA / port
  • Dimension: 8.5 x 6 x 2.5 cm

Power-Injector connection

How to connect with Netsense box and modules.

Power-Injector diagram

Photo gallery

  • Front view, side view
  • Modules, Power-Injector, and Netsense box
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