Netsense System

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Netsense is a temperature monitoring system. One sensing unit can support up to four temperature probes. Acquired temperature data from probes is sent to the server,, through the Internet.

By clicking onto users can see their data from anywhere with a web browser. Our unique and user-friendly web application gives users ability to get their data in an easy to read graph, download raw data files, and set the temperature range for each probe. Our system will send email or SMS alert to users if the temperature is out of range.


  • Cold room / Regrigerator
  • Server room
  • Hotel
  • Hostpital / Pharmaceutical
  • Warehouse
  • Museum
  • Aquarium


  • Web based application on, no software installation
  • Email and SMS alert
  • Downloadable data stored on
  • Digital probe, zero calibration
  • No extensive wiring, using existing LAN and the Internet
  • Sensing unit setup via web browser
  • Optional humidity / pressure sensor
  • Supporting both DHCP and static IP
  • MM-link port for customized applications, Ex. turning on/off appliances


  • Ports: LAN x 1, Probe x 4, DC-jack x 1, MM-link x 1
  • Dimension: 12.5 x 7 x 2.8 cm
  • Weight: 101.5 g.
  • Power adapter: 12 VDC / 0.5A, switching
  • Probe: digital sensor, range from -50˚C to +120˚C
  • Probe resolution: 0.1˚C step
  • Accuracy: 0.5˚C from -10˚C to +85˚C

Netsense concept

A big picture of Netsense System.

Netsense diagram

Photo gallery

  • Front view, side view, and back view
  • Probes and cable connection
  • Screen shots from web based application on and Netsense Sensing Unit
Netsense-front-view Netsense-side-view Netsense-back-view Netsense-and-probe Probe-head Netsense-with-4-probes Web-graph Web-table Web-sensing-unit-ipaddr